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Welcome to TMI

We convert strangers into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into evangelists. We do this by ensuring that every digital marketing effort we make with you is based on three principals: track, measure, and improve. Or TMI. And we think you’ll agree that when it comes to measuring your 3 year return on digital marketing initiatives, TMI is exactly what you want from your digital marketing agency.

Clarity is a good thing. Particularly in the field of marketing, where too often measuring ROI is a bit like trying to grasp air. With our TMI approach, emfluence removes the mystery out of ROI with customizable products and services that fuel measurable interaction between you and your customers, one-to-one.

No matter your company’s size, no matter your industry, when it comes to connecting one-to-one, we’re the one.

We are what you want: metrics driven, results oriented, focused and capable.

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